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We will do a full in-depth analysis of the complete vehicle, or the area of focus which requires refinishing and provide you with our expert knowledge and advise on the best approach to making your vehicle like new, or better again.

Caliber Refinishing and Repair Detail Cars


Prep, Paint and Finish

Before any part(s) of your vehicle ever enter our fully down draft and temperature controlled booth, we ensure the parts(s) have gone through an extensive multi stage repair and prep process; using both machine and by hand to make a seamless contour resemblance to the vehicle. This is done by using the highest quality materials and repair tools in the industry by our fully trained and experienced technicians. Only then do we start the painting process, which ensures the finish would be like new or better.

While the car, or car part(s) are in our booths – there are still a few more procedures it goes through before being applied with our always highest grade paint material in the industry. This is to ensure a beautiful and flawless finish.

Caliber Refinishing and Paint Job Repair Detail Cars


Structural Repair and Alignment

When a body panel is damaged beyond just the surface, our fully knowledgeable structural care team will carefully dissects the vehicle in or around the area of impact. We do this to ensure we cover and repair every point of the vehicle related to the damage. We use the highest grade tools and machinery to re-align and ensure full strength and integrity of the structural components is regained to factory specifications.

Service Alignment and Maintenance


Expert Detailing

All of our clients vehicle leave with a full detailing job that not only makes your vehicle look like new on the outside, but, look and feel like new on the inside also – end result – pretty much a brand new car. All of our detailing products are silicon free to ensure no harmful compounds or materials are used on your vehicle.

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